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periods, but their general nature was to make an
orderly law-abiding life possible and natural.
They had been taught and they believed and
they had every reason to believe ; " This (that
or the other thing) is right. Do right and
nothing, except by some strange exceptional
misfortune, can touch you, The Law guarantees
you thaL Do right and nothing will rob you
or frustrate you/*
Nowhere in the world now is there very much
of tfaat feeling left, and as it disappears, the
behaviour of people degenerates towards a panic
scramble, towards cheating, over-readbing, gang
organisation, precautionary hoarding, conceal-
ment and all the meanness and anti-social
feeling which is the natural outcome of in-
Faced with what now amounts to something
like a moral stampede, more and more sane men
will realise the urgency for a restoration of
confidence. The more socialisation proceeds
and the more directive authority is concentrated,
the more necessary is an efficient protection of
individuals from the impatience of well-meaning
or narrow-minded or ruthless officials and indeed
from all the possible abuses of advantage that
are inevitable under such circumstances to our
still childishly wicked breed.